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Jason Tate 04/19/12 12:13 PM

Preview Two New Set Your Goals Songs
Previews of two new Set Your Goals tracks can be heard here.

Submitted by JTHomeslice

_><_ 04/19/12 12:14 PM

The production alone makes these songs better than anything off the last record.

raptorz44 04/19/12 12:19 PM

These songs make me hope Set Your Goals will be headed in a better direction...

Alex DiVincenzo 04/19/12 12:27 PM

These songs are awesome. The hook in the second track is sweet.

mrnubnub 04/19/12 12:27 PM

not terrible, but I guess I just don't dig the direction

iseejosh 04/19/12 12:29 PM

can anyone tell me if they've gone heavier or in the same direction of BABE?

Protested Hero 04/19/12 12:29 PM

I'll have to check this out when I get home. Wasn't a fan of the last album and This Will Be The Death Of Us was alright.

Jaytothesyg 04/19/12 12:31 PM

Wow these songs sound so good. Excited to actually hear them

ThisIsNotDan 04/19/12 12:34 PM

they don't sound like they were recorded underwater, which is a step up

StephenYoung 04/19/12 12:35 PM

Sounds like something i'm going to bump the fuck out of this summer.

Charlesieiy 04/19/12 12:36 PM

Production sounds so much better. Sounds like the direction BABE was aiming for, but way more good.

AShannon04 04/19/12 12:37 PM

I disliked BABE, but these sound really promising.

defy_stars 04/19/12 12:38 PM

I'm liking these.

Mattylikesfilms 04/19/12 12:45 PM

I liked BABE for the most part (minus like 4 tracks) so I'm stoked for these songs.

brandon_260 04/19/12 12:46 PM

Is this going to be a 7" or just a digital thing?