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Jason Tate 04/20/12 11:40 AM

Blur Relasing Massive Box Set for Anniversary
Blur will be marking their 21st birthday with 21-disc box set.

Submitted by georgedcc

Hail Lelouch 04/20/12 12:07 PM


SuNDaYSTaR 04/20/12 01:38 PM

Cool, especially since there is also a song called Sir Elton John's Cock.

sax_evan 04/20/12 04:12 PM

that's a lotta stinkin Blur.

kazuma_ootaro28 04/20/12 05:23 PM

Will have to pick up some of the reissued albums that I'm missing. Also good news "Under the Westway" is apparently getting a singles release.

Kyle Huntington 04/20/12 06:09 PM


Dr. Acula 04/21/12 12:15 AM

Awesome news. Some of these records really needed a remastering job done. Excited!

ÖzgürKurtoglu 04/22/12 03:58 AM

This will, probably, be pretty amazing.

Something that's not as amazing: so few people commenting on it.