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Jack Appleby 04/22/12 05:55 PM

DGD + Of Machines + Lower Definition = ?
It looks like Will Swan (Dance Gavin Dance) is starting a band with Matt Geise (Lower Definition) and Loniel Robinson (Of Machines).

drewinseries 04/22/12 05:56 PM

Wasn't Lower Definition supposed to release something new?

Jack Appleby 04/22/12 05:56 PM

I would check this out for sure. Enjoy Will's guitar work.

Rob McWilliams 04/22/12 05:59 PM

Reasonably excited, mostly for Matt.

badforcats1189 04/22/12 06:01 PM

This sounds very promising

Blake Solomon 04/22/12 06:02 PM

ok im in

tonethehero 04/22/12 06:06 PM

You had me at lower definition.

low_rising 04/22/12 06:07 PM

yea this sounds interesting, Will imo is the only good part of dgd, and Matt is the shit. So if this does actually happen it'll be great.

llluminate 04/22/12 06:13 PM

This, new Secret Band, and new DGD with Jonny. I've got a lot to look forward to.

Hiroblack 04/22/12 06:13 PM

In love already

ScorchOurBodies 04/22/12 06:16 PM

Submitted by me, no big. Best of both worlds with Swan and Matt. I've never heard Of Machines before.

joeycYDG 04/22/12 06:19 PM


NateFoundGlory 04/22/12 06:26 PM

I'm interested...

incognitojones 04/22/12 06:26 PM

Lot of talent, should be great.

xerickx24 04/22/12 06:27 PM

does this mean that DGD is donezo