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Drew Beringer 04/23/12 02:15 PM

New Fiona Apple Song
You can check out a Fiona Apple song "Every Single Night" in the replies.

Drew Beringer 04/23/12 02:15 PM


abandonship 04/23/12 02:30 PM

sounds great

SureAsRain 04/23/12 02:31 PM

So good. I've missed Fiona Apple so much.

luckykaruba 04/23/12 03:14 PM

Love her. This song is a great return.

Jeff_Ryan 04/23/12 03:17 PM

Fucking perfect

sjb2k1 04/23/12 03:18 PM

i like this

abusedcat 04/23/12 03:22 PM

She can do no wrong. My tickets to see her in July came today - so fucking stoked.

cshadows2887 04/23/12 03:45 PM

Whoah. That, like, tribal chant is so rad.

Shatter_Glass 04/23/12 03:47 PM

My dream woman.

hold_fast_hope 04/23/12 03:58 PM

This is awesome!

hellogorgeous 04/23/12 03:59 PM

completely in love

PermanentTourists 04/23/12 04:03 PM

This is the first piece of new music I have loved in a long while.

J.C. 04/23/12 04:35 PM

I'm bobbin' to some Apple.

carcrashofahart 04/23/12 04:58 PM

is it just me or has florence welch taken her place?