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Deborah Remus 04/23/12 04:02 PM

Questions For Brendan Kelly
We'll be interviewing Brendan Kelly this week so feel free to leave any questions you might have in the replies.

EDIT: Interview is completed and will be posted soon.

John Collins 04/23/12 04:37 PM

Are the Lawrence Arms recording a new full-length or touring New England in the near future?

CluckyB 04/23/12 04:41 PM

Are you secretly @JADEDPUNKHULK?

crutchfield 04/23/12 04:54 PM

tell us more about your friend coco

Ollie McKraut 04/23/12 05:51 PM

any other stories about coco he'd like to share?

Nick_K99 04/23/12 05:59 PM

Would you ever consider releasing liner notes to all of your albums explaining some of the meanings and stories behind your songs? I know i loved the liner notes to the Greatest Story Ever Told and i think fans would appreciate an insight into the stories and meaning behind their favourite tunes.

prefix-core 04/23/12 06:08 PM

Why the fuck does he hate Jawbreaker and the Replacements so mu--whups. Wrong band.

Carry The Zero 04/23/12 06:10 PM

I got a few:

The Lawrence Arms are one of those bands that never blew up on the mainstream but people who listen to you seem to love you. There is almost a cult like vibe to your fans. Why do you think that is?

You reference a ton of classic lit/seemingly high brow things throughout your music spanning all the way back. Basically, you seem like an all around highly educated dude. Who were some of the smartest people you toured with who shared that appreciation? Any interesting stories about that?

Your (killer) new album seems to have put a lot of thought to being an aging punk rocker and wondering what ended and whats next (particularly the closer, hell even the album title). Do you ever regret choosing to be in a punk rock band? Was it worth it?

AP_Punk 04/23/12 06:24 PM

will the original fast, punk-y version of "warped summer extravaganza" be released anytime soon?

and speaking of warped tour, do you dislike it much more nowadays, or is your disgust with it still at the same level?

AReiss 04/23/12 07:50 PM

Did you give Anti-Flag permission to rip off your song?

(Not kidding)."Shadow of the Dead" verse sounds straight up like "The Routes We Wander" by The Falcon. This has bugged me for years.

Anti Flag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWXhQFTV_1k
Falcon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvtgAdPwNF0

AReiss 04/23/12 07:50 PM

Also, as I'm sure a shitload of people are wondering, when can we expect new Larry Arms?

rawesome 04/24/12 06:20 AM

Ugh, it makes me endlessly upset that people get the chance to ask BK a question and TWO of you just asked about Brian Fallon.

Since he's doing that European tour with Dan...Will you be doing more solo touring and/or shows with the Wandering Birds before delving back into the Larry Arms, or is recording new material with them your first priority? Also, what's on the horizon w/r/t the script you were shopping around in LA?

risew/thefallen 04/24/12 09:31 AM

Would you ever do a falcon/Lawrence arms tour? And does fat wreck try to get you guys to play warped tour, or do they just leave that subject alone with you guys?

dustyfloors 04/24/12 09:39 AM

Not a question but he told me once The Larry Arms attempted to try to cover The Honor System but just missed it in some parts, technique-wise. Can you tell him to get his shit together and make sure they record that cover? Thanks!

AP_Punk 04/24/12 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by risew/thefallen (Post 106869862)
Would you ever do a falcon/Lawrence arms tour? And does fat wreck try to get you guys to play warped tour, or do they just leave that subject alone with you guys?

actually, the larry arms did a tour with the falcon and sundowner (along with american steel) back in '07 - 'twas a blast. anyway, i wouldn't mind seeing that all over again down the road.