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Broden Terry 04/23/12 09:46 PM

Greg Laswell Is Dragging You Around
Spinner has premiered a new track titled, "Dragging You Around" (featuring Sia) from Greg Laswell's newest album, Landline. The album is in stores today, but if you wanted to pick yourself up a digital download, iTunes has you covered.

RTD2 04/23/12 10:21 PM

this dude is so good.

mrnegativezero 04/23/12 10:31 PM

My roommate gave me all of Greg Laswell last year. Love that dude. Really great, mellow-ish stuff to relax too.

The song with Sia is great. And a free song off iTunes? Fantastic. Great way to start off this week.

ramomcferno 04/24/12 06:38 AM

Neat song. Excited to hear the whole album. Come Back Down is one of my favorite songs this year.

kennedyAM 04/24/12 06:45 AM

He wrote better music when he was with Mandy Moore. Let's hope him and Ingrid Michaelson getting hitched will spark some great new tunes.

Was not too high on Take A Bow, but loved everything prior. Excited to hear this album in full and I can only hope he channeled the How The Day Sounds EP. Still his best set of work in my opinion.