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Thomas Nassiff 04/25/12 06:58 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: I Was A Hero Song Stream
Today I couldn't be more giddy to present everyone with a brand-new song from the up-and-coming I Was A Hero. The Albany, N.Y.-based pop-punk group includes one member, vocalist Brandon Pagano, who is an AP.net regular and will be releasing its Youth and Defeat EP on Bandcamp for pay-what-you-want on May 8. Head to the replies or the band's AP.net Profile to stream the third song on the five-track EP, titled "I Guess It's Me," and expect another new song from the EP on the band's Facebook May 1.

Thomas Nassiff 04/25/12 06:58 AM

I Guess It's Me

ViTOP 04/25/12 07:02 AM


MomPagano 04/25/12 07:02 AM

I'm so proud! Love you guys!! <3 <3 <3

Charlesieiy 04/25/12 07:03 AM

These guys have so much potential. Great shit!

alert=danger 04/25/12 07:04 AM

So good.

waybackhome 04/25/12 07:06 AM

Fuck yes Brandon. Fuck yes.

jackozord 04/25/12 07:10 AM

Yeah, man! Digging that!

Thomas Nassiff 04/25/12 07:10 AM

Fully backed as a promising band and good, nice people.

MikeYabs 04/25/12 07:11 AM

Proud of these guys. Really cool dudes. Can't wait for the EP and for them to come by my neck of the woods again.

ViTOP 04/25/12 07:13 AM

ha ha... when your mom and dad are the first posters in your thread ...


subplotofcrows 04/25/12 07:16 AM

Yeah, tune rules. Can't wait to see you guys in a few months.

Thomas Nassiff 04/25/12 07:20 AM

Will be in Syracuse and will watch this band play with The Wonder Years, will learn all the words to all their songs first, will tickle lead singer while singing.

ViTOP 04/25/12 07:28 AM

now all we need in here is Jason Tate and some thread ban talk from the TWY Thread .... woo hoo !!

DCART 04/25/12 07:44 AM

Song rules. Band rules minus their cock-grabbing guitarist