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Adam Pfleider 04/26/12 01:16 AM

Consequential Apathy: You Think You're John F***ing Lennon
I'm here today to tell you that not every musical choice I've made in my life has been a good one. Jason spoke of a generational gap last week and positive musical moments. But after subjecting myself to all of Skip the Foreplay's Nightlife, I've got an interesting read for you this week. When you're done, hit the replies and reflect on what music you loved then that doesn't stick now. What albums changed the way you looked at music, but would never admit you liked for fear of being docked of your elitist contemporary tastes? Get honest, let's have some laughs.

Adam Pfleider 04/26/12 01:26 AM

okay, I'll go on the chopping block and start...

SilenceBrokenTT 04/26/12 01:53 AM

Those three came to the top of my head...

chels7monster 04/26/12 02:50 AM

Yes. Yes. And also yes.

+ Panic at the Disco, P.O.D., All Time Low (pre-SWIR), The Spill Canvas, From First To Last, Papa Roach, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Plain White T's, Staind, Sum 41.

The first step is admitting.

xAngelique 04/26/12 03:03 AM

Anything released on Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance minus Cute Is What We Aim For, My Chemical Romance and The Used.

SilenceBrokenTT 04/26/12 03:08 AM

lol I was thinking about putting P.O.D and Sum 41 in as well... Papa Roach is another perfect one, as is Red Jumpsuit... shit your whole post is right Chels7.

zachff 04/26/12 03:19 AM

My first CD was Garth Brooks' Wild Horses. Got it because I liked the cover art and I was like 8. Fuck you.

I had tapes before that that were legit though

Ryan Rumsey 04/26/12 03:39 AM

DanTGD 04/26/12 04:19 AM

One of the first things to get me into rock music was a WWF Soundtrack CD. That should pretty much sum it all up.

VeryWittyName 04/26/12 04:37 AM

Hybrid Theory single-handedly got me into music. I LOVED nu-metal.

stereokiller 04/26/12 04:45 AM

hahahaha, oh my god this thread

mms13 04/26/12 05:18 AM

There was a point in my life when I was really into System of a Down and Rammstein. Ugh

NEVERGIVEUP 04/26/12 05:20 AM

i was 9.

incognitojones 04/26/12 05:22 AM

I don't think I've ever stopped loving a band I liked at one point. I still love Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth, the singles at least. I tried to play 14:59 all the way through not too long ago and couldn't get through it, it is really bad. Which is weird cause the singles are so damn good.

I used to listen to a ton of classic rock too (doesn't eveyone go through that in high school?) and now I pretty keep it to just Queen and the Beatles. I still like all the bands I heard, just like never play that shit anymore. I don't know how you could grow to hate a band unless they started putting out records you hated, and even then I would still love their old records.

Sam DeBurns Red 04/26/12 05:30 AM

Coldplay - Rush of Blood
Switchfoot - Beautiful Letdown
Some lame Christian comp called "X" or something like that.