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Jason Tate 04/26/12 11:17 AM

The Gaslight Anthem Announce First Single ... Coming Monday
New single from The Gaslight Anthem ... coming Monday.
From the BlogFinally! We are proud to announce that our first single from Handwritten named "45" will receive it's world premier as Zane Lowe Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio 1 Monday night at 7:30 BST. We are so excited for you to hear it.

tacosforcharles 04/26/12 11:18 AM

Woot! Can't wait.

plns 04/26/12 11:20 AM

For reference, this is 11:30 am on the west coast, 2:30 pm on the east coast.

Would you guys mind posting a reminder post on Monday morning about this? Also, if someone can find the BBC 1 live stream, that'd be appreciated.

Edit: Found a link http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/zanelowe/

LivingTheLyrics 04/26/12 11:20 AM

My pajama pants are chock-full of freshly produced semen.

ramomcferno 04/26/12 11:21 AM

Excited to hear how it sounds.

crutchfield 04/26/12 11:23 AM

yeeeesssss. I really just want a release date.

CluckyB 04/26/12 11:24 AM

Now I need to decide if I want to listen to it or hold out until the album comes out and listen to everything for the first time then...

NateFoundGlory 04/26/12 11:27 AM

God yes, I need new Gaslight in my life.

Jaytothesyg 04/26/12 11:28 AM

I'm so excited

btown4life 04/26/12 11:31 AM


Craig Manning 04/26/12 11:33 AM

Release date please? And a tour that takes place in America.

Protested Hero 04/26/12 11:39 AM


j-dogg_69 04/26/12 11:43 AM

I'll need to time this to perfection to avoid hearing Zane Lowes voice...

harley7733 04/26/12 11:48 AM

I have Great Expectations. ZING!

justinwho 04/26/12 11:49 AM

talk about great news to come home to after work!