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Jason Tate 04/26/12 12:03 PM

Thursday Discussion: Demo Day! Let's Look For The Next Big Thing
Today I want to try something a little different on the website. We get sent new music every single day -- which is awesome, I love music, I love finding new bands. With that, one of the cool things about AP.net is that we've got a fantastic community that's always talking about new bands to check out on. So, I was thinking about this and came up with a new idea that I want to try in lieu of a Thursday Discussion today. What I'm thinking is that I want to open up a thread for a "demo day." Basically, you guys will post links to bands that we should check out in the replies (more information on formatting below), and then I'm going to get a bunch of people together and we're going to go through and listen to songs. I'm planning to harass the staff from AP.net, UndertheGunReview, AlterthePress, PropertyOfZack, andPunkNews.org to participate as well and we're all going to pick our favorites. Once we've got that list of bands we like together, I'm going to post up a poll on all the sites for a vote. The top 5 or so bands are going to win special promotion and feature packages from all of the sites involved: like a featured band spot here on AP.net with a song stream and all that.

OK, so here's the deal with posting links to bands we need to check out:

1) They have to be unsigned! No major label artists. No bands with record deals. The whole idea is to find new and upcoming bands.
2) Including a link to where we can directly hear music is definitely a plus. The less buttons I have to click, the better.
3) Any bio/RIYL information is definitely encouraged. But don't write a giant thesis ... just some background information, or what kind of sound the band is ...
4) You can submit your band or your friends' bands -- just gotta fit the rules.
5) DO NOT SPAM. If there's a shit load of spam about one band or another - we won't even listen to it.

I'll keep this thread up all of today and tomorrow, and then we'll begin going through and narrowing down our list early next week. I'll make a post when we've got the list to vote on.

UndeclaredNJ 04/26/12 12:08 PM

All 3 albums are free to download

Their earlier albums have gotten more comparisons to tr shins and music along those lines but their new ep is so good and I can't even figure out how to classify it.They have 3 full lengths and a couple of eps. If you looking for something unique, give this a try.

Mikey Switz 04/26/12 12:15 PM




Post-hardcore band from South Florida who just put out an ep called Chasing Mechanical Dreams, you can view their new music video for their song The Blackened Sky on their page as well.

RIYL: Boys Night Out, La Dispute, Dance Gavin Dance, Circa Survive

aboyandhiscurse 04/26/12 12:16 PM

i'll keep this simple


emotional hardcore band from south jersey. played a show with these guys back in march, they're really cool, and the ep is free. i can't think of any bands that sound like them, but RIYL: sort of kinda twinkly emo shit with a real hardcore edge.

SeeYouHomeWolf 04/26/12 12:16 PM



This band is just my little brother and I. If you like Manchester Orchestra, The Dear Hunter, As Tall As Lions, etc. check us out. Thanks everyone!

nevenskoro 04/26/12 12:17 PM

The Wallies


(Rock 'n' Roll)

InaGreendase 04/26/12 12:17 PM


Ex-members of Have Heart and Outrage playing sickly creative metallic hardcore. Get into it.
RIYL: Converge, Poison the Well, Unbroken, early ETID

Thebillster 04/26/12 12:18 PM


A pop-punk band from Rockwall, Texas that is trying to put Rockwall on the map for good music. We have amazing dual vocals between a guy and a girl, and amazing instrumentals at that.

RIYL: Paramore, Four Year Strong, The Wonder Years. Check us out? :D

Kyle Huntington 04/26/12 12:21 PM



RIYL: The National, Sonic Youth, Interpol

La Shark


RIYL: Talking Heads, Patrick Wolf



RIYL: Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver

locals2matches 04/26/12 12:21 PM

Galleries - Oneonta NY
Galleries - Oneonta NY


Last One Out (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU5us6lI3_A)
A New Beginning (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mASU6d01NqM)

Free EP Download:

Un-signed five-piece emotional punk/alternative from Oneonta NY (upstate). Since 2010.
RIYL: Boys Night Out, Envy On The Coast, Moneen

mike_aaron 04/26/12 12:22 PM

Car Party
The music player at the bottom has:
-Our new single Dollar Sign
-2 songs from our latest EP; Please Me and Forever Family
-1 song from our first EP, Pittsburgh

We're a pop rock band from Baltimore, MD. We've gotten comparisons to very different bands, so I'll just leave it at pop rock.

R&R 04/26/12 12:22 PM

Resonance & Reason
Resonance and Reason

Just started up early this year. Writing and recording demo songs and booking gigs. We'd be happy for anyone to check us out. Not too hard, not too soft. Like a good mattress. Can check out three of our tunes at:

www.facebook.com/resonanceandreason under the band profile tab.

We're all avid readers of the site and appreciate the opportunity you're providing. This is a great idea.


GrouchOmArx 04/26/12 12:24 PM

Destroy What Destroys You

http://destroywhatdestroysyoustl.bandcamp. com

Ambient, raw, and passionate post-hardcore from St. Louis, MO.

sjb2k1 04/26/12 12:25 PM

the narrative
but you probably know that already

nickstetina 04/26/12 12:26 PM

Living Words

Bandcamp (Free download)
In the Dark EP is really one song that can be broken down into three different movements. The intentions is for the piece to be listened to as one track, but is available as separate parts as well. The idea of the title "In the Dark" stems from my favorite way to listen to records being laying down in the dark. It's a healthy 11 minutes long, but I encourage you to give the whole thing a listen.

RIYL: Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Bon Iver

*shameless self-promo :unsure: