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Jason Tate 04/28/12 12:35 PM

Former Members of D.R.U.G.S Have to Just Say No
Anyone hoping that the other members of D.R.U.G.S would be keeping the band together, just without Craig, - well, doesn't look like they can based on the contract they signed previously.

Submitted by lp670sv

MikeyF182 04/28/12 12:43 PM


LivingTheLyrics 04/28/12 12:44 PM

Honestly a smart move on Craig's part. Good business move, shitty friend move.

steve187 04/28/12 12:47 PM

nope, no one was hoping that

EastCoastVans 04/28/12 12:50 PM

Makes sense considering how Chiodos turned out the first time around. Still a shitty thing to do though.

Andy Young 04/28/12 12:54 PM

Sucks to do it that way, but then again they didn't have to sign the contract if they had a problem with that.

HCO SF 87 04/28/12 12:56 PM

I don't think this band would have gone too far anyways if they had continued without craig. Just as Chiodos went nowhere without him. I doubt Matt Good has the fanbase Craig does.

bobcatbob18 04/28/12 12:59 PM

Interesting contract.

Jhawker182 04/28/12 01:00 PM

It would have been interesting to see what these guys would have done together without Craig. I enjoyed DRUGS and they put on a pretty good live show when I saw them with Hit The Lights (who was who I wanted to see at the show). I hope these guys keep making music regardless though.

BusterBluth 04/28/12 01:04 PM

I know someone that produced some of their songs and it didn't even say D.R.U.G.S. on the contract.....just Craig Owens Band or something.

jlinitz 04/28/12 01:05 PM

wow thats pretty fucked up, craig was the reason they were as popular as they were tho

lp670sv 04/28/12 01:05 PM

He posted another @ reply later that said they could just not as DRUGS I'm sorry i forgot to submit that.

Esseciantly the contract said that they could not kick Craig out of the band

Here it is


ParkwayTom 04/28/12 01:09 PM

The more you know.

xsandwichesx 04/28/12 01:10 PM

All the kids from the Cassadee Pope thread will be like "They should quit the contract!"

Andy Young 04/28/12 01:11 PM

Hopefully Nick reunites Underminded. If that happens everything will be right.