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Jason Tate 04/28/12 12:54 PM

Mark Hoppus Work Out Video
The Mark Hoppus work-out video. In the replies.

Jason Tate 04/28/12 12:55 PM

Jason Tate 04/28/12 12:55 PM

I love Mark.

WhoSaidThat? 04/28/12 12:58 PM

Almost as good as Kanye's.

thetruthisvile 04/28/12 01:02 PM

That hair. No, Mark, no.

Nick Hull 04/28/12 01:03 PM

'69 seconds of non-stop cardio action'

edit: his poor children..

nikster 04/28/12 01:04 PM


kidwithhelmet 04/28/12 01:04 PM

That's it. It's time for a change. I'M GETTING HEALTHY.

ghsNICK! 04/28/12 01:07 PM

Haha this is awesome.

*Ro' 04/28/12 01:08 PM

Not as funny as Kimmel's.

ParkwayTom 04/28/12 01:08 PM

Mark is the man.

Ricketts 04/28/12 01:08 PM

this is fantastic. I love nonsense.

Basketcase 04/28/12 01:10 PM

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! this is awesome

Christian Wagner 04/28/12 01:13 PM

I call that number but all I get is an answering machine to a laundromat. What the hell?

cowlord 04/28/12 01:14 PM

So funny.

He isn't serious with that hair though, is he?