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Jason Tate 04/28/12 02:26 PM

UK Store Posts The Gaslight Anthem Release Date and Track Listing
A UK webstore has The Gaslight Anthem's Handwritten up on their website with a July 23rd release date. My wedding anniversary, so, it's gotta be a sign or something. This would probably put it at July 24th in the states. Can't confirm any of the information yet, but we've reached out to see what information we can get.

Track Listing

1) ''45''
2) Handwritten
3) Here Comes My Man
4) Mulholland Drive
5) Keepsake
6) Too Much Blood
7) Howl
8) Biloxi Parish
9) Desire
10) Mae
11) National Anthem

Bonus Tracks
Blue Dahlia
You Got Lucky

Shout-out to the TGA official thread for finding this.

CellarGhosts 04/28/12 02:28 PM


trolland10 04/28/12 02:35 PM

i can't wait that long, i'm gonna go crazy. glad biloxi parish is on the record though, that song is amazing live

Jason Tate 04/28/12 02:39 PM

justinwho 04/28/12 02:54 PM


VeryWittyName 04/28/12 02:59 PM

I am very excited. They're a band that I'd love to break into the mainstream.

ffafan 04/28/12 03:00 PM

I hope there are more bonus tracks. I heard they had done some cover songs for bonus tracks. I hope I'm right and they surface at some point

Jaytothesyg 04/28/12 03:06 PM

Fuck yes! I get dissapointed when bands release the first song off the record first but it's cool in this case

Hope they release this news with the new song and a tour

roche 04/28/12 03:12 PM

I'm so psyched that Biloxi Parish is on the new record.

takeaction 04/28/12 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 107139082)

Pretty much how I feel.

drudo182 04/28/12 03:44 PM

This and DKR in the same week? Can get no better.

kidinthebushes 04/28/12 03:48 PM

I've been listening to that "45" clip all day.

Rodeo 04/28/12 03:53 PM

Day after my birthday! Album of the year as a present?! I'll fucking take it!

delvec19 04/28/12 03:54 PM

Damn 3 more months? UGH.

nickstetina 04/28/12 04:09 PM

High expectations for dis motha.