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xthisislove 04/30/12 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by Jake Denning (Post 107221822)
Unpopular opinion: Bleeding Through lost all their steam when Jona left for BMTH.

I'd rather see someone like MCMB take that spot.

They didn't lose it when Jona left for bmth, the band was tired of being fucked over trustkill and by the time Jona joined, Brian was starting to not even tour with them anymore. They all work full time outside of the band now brandan has a REALLY succussful gym, Derek works as a full time welder and has two kid. I think life and growing up happend not the fact "Jona left"

Gumbyjag 05/01/12 12:05 AM

Kinda want to go, to see Demon Hunter at least once and Cancer Bats again.