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PeeDster 04/30/12 07:43 AM

Youth Without Synthetica
Listen to Metric's first single "Youth Without Youth" off of their upcoming album Synthetica over on their website.

Jeff_Ryan 04/30/12 07:43 AM


Jeff_Ryan 04/30/12 07:46 AM


PeeDster 04/30/12 07:46 AM


Originally Posted by Debut_Fin (Post 107220822)

Or go there :-)


Jeff_Ryan 04/30/12 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Alex Djaferis (Post 107220842)
Or go there :-)


It's just easier than dealing with their website haha

Mattylikesfilms 04/30/12 07:52 AM


themagicrat 04/30/12 08:19 AM

Well this is awesomely dark.

cwhit412 04/30/12 08:54 AM

Those backing synths...damn.

JustAHomeBoy 04/30/12 09:12 AM

It's ok. I don't think they'll be able to top Fantasies. Gimme Sympathy is still one of my favorite songs.

Zack Zarrillo 04/30/12 09:16 AM

Enjoying this so far

cshadows2887 04/30/12 09:46 AM

Song is very cool, but maybe not the catchiest single choice.

deanster321 04/30/12 10:02 AM


runningohfive 04/30/12 10:55 AM

Song's awesome. I also really like the cover art for Synthetica too.

Mr.Piano93 04/30/12 11:36 AM

Fuck. Yes.

PeeDster 04/30/12 11:55 AM

not wild about it truth be told. a little disappointed...its decent but not that good.