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Jason Tate 05/01/12 02:41 PM

He is We Introduce New Live Singer
The new He is We live singer will be Stevie Scott. You can check out a new live session video with her performing, in the replies.

Submitted by fbrrocks

Jason Tate 05/01/12 02:41 PM

hisandherpes 05/01/12 02:42 PM

I'll have to check her out before their show on Friday.

Manufactured Dreams 05/01/12 02:50 PM

No clue who she is and I miss Rachel already :-(

plns 05/01/12 02:51 PM

What happened with the other girl?

buckcheeks 05/01/12 02:52 PM

I love this band that was unbearable to watch due to the wind noises.

guitarguy211 05/01/12 02:56 PM

The song sounded alright...The new girl's voice is pretty good. It reminded me partly of Juliet Simms.

fbrrocks 05/01/12 02:56 PM

not sure about this yet

Manufactured Dreams 05/01/12 03:01 PM

I thought it was going to be someone notable?

mikelmc 05/01/12 03:02 PM

first thought.

SuNDaYSTaR 05/01/12 03:06 PM

What's that song again?

The Gunz Show 05/01/12 03:10 PM

i'll always support he is we. i feel bad for rachel. but i love trevor and the rest of the dudes plus the songs they've written.

- Gunz

Wings That Work 05/01/12 03:11 PM

Sounds good...but her arms look scary long

nomoremondays 05/01/12 03:18 PM

i like her voice. i think she sounds good.

side note: my hometown of coeur d' alene!

Miketheunicycle 05/01/12 03:28 PM

that wind was loud