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Jason Tate 05/02/12 10:28 AM

Tegan and Sara Documentary Hits Netflix
Tegan and Sara's documentary "Get Along" is now available for Netflix instant streaming (in the US).

Submitted by chiefjordo

CoheedForever 05/02/12 10:30 AM

Oh fuck yes!!! Watching as soon as I get home.

sargentlgfuad 05/02/12 10:31 AM

School just ended. I know what I'm doing tonight!

arson 05/02/12 10:57 AM

Definitely watching this as soon as I'm done with exams.

Say Hello 87 05/02/12 11:14 AM

Does this include the actual performance? Or just the movies?

guitarguy211 05/02/12 11:25 AM

..And I got a free Redbox code...hmm.

CoheedForever 05/02/12 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by Say Hello 87 (Post 107364702)
Does this include the actual performance? Or just the movies?

I think both, it says its two hours long.

georgedcc 05/02/12 11:45 AM

It's pretty dull to be honest. I'm a massive, massive fan of Tegan and Sara, but the documentary was a bit underwhelming.

Penguin 05/02/12 12:49 PM

I need to get Netflix. :-(

BottleRocket 05/02/12 01:00 PM


182hearts 05/02/12 01:22 PM


ohitsmark 05/02/12 02:25 PM

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww esome.

gloriousmuse 05/02/12 03:53 PM

oh my god!

Captain Blood 05/02/12 04:38 PM

must be about Tyler, The Creator.....

AtomicPunk316 05/02/12 06:57 PM

I have Get Along on CD/DVD and vinyl it's great

Tambo88 05/02/12 07:44 PM

Gonna check this out.

ekarddivad 05/03/12 04:43 PM

Added to instant queue.