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Jason Tate 05/02/12 10:59 AM

Good Old War Opening for Some Counting Crows Dates
Good Old War will be opening for Counting Crows on some dates this summer.

Submitted by dylanandtea

George_mm 05/02/12 11:01 AM

Whaaaaaaaaaat. Thats freakin' awesome!

TheRealJohnOC 05/02/12 11:05 AM

They're also opening for Dispatch on their fall tour. This is one hell of a break for GoW.

screamoURI 05/02/12 11:08 AM

lets see the counting crows dates. would love to see them

Searos 05/02/12 11:10 AM

I would love to see Counting Crows live. I have been listening to them a lot recently.

NateFoundGlory 05/02/12 11:15 AM

Wow, good for GOL, seriously.

SureAsRain 05/02/12 11:27 AM

this actually sounds like a really good combination.

MJSchmidt 05/02/12 11:29 AM

Link is not working for me, but so happy for these guys. Love the new record.

TomAce 05/02/12 11:55 AM

i need to see the Crows again. me and Duritz were both way too drunk last time.

get up kidd 05/02/12 12:22 PM

Post dates!! Link not working. I want to go to this.

Johnny Minardi 05/02/12 01:23 PM

This is great news! Hopefully in Chicago.

ffafan 05/02/12 02:12 PM

according to GOW facebook page they will only be doing 14 dates and they will be announced monday. Hoping MN is one of those dates.

waytothewaves 05/02/12 02:51 PM

I would love to see this!

FigureItOut 05/02/12 02:57 PM

This would make for a great show. Crossing my fingers for some Florida dates.

Turkeylegz 05/02/12 03:38 PM

Need to see the Counting Crows.
Just hope its not all covers live (cause of their new cd)