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Jason Tate 05/02/12 05:41 PM

Blood on the Dance Floor Added to Warped Tour
Blood on the Dance Floor have been added to this summer's Warped Tour lineup.

Submitted by hisandherpes

Jason Tate 05/02/12 05:41 PM

NobleStabbings! 05/02/12 05:42 PM

Well, fuck.

TheRealJohnOC 05/02/12 05:43 PM

I think we all knew this. I'm assuming it wasn't officially announced until today?

bobsheiskawy 05/02/12 05:45 PM

not a fan, but some of their fans watched bad rabbits with me last year. they can't be all bad.

Psib 05/02/12 05:46 PM

already got my tickets!!! :P

Protested Hero 05/02/12 05:48 PM

MJB12 05/02/12 05:50 PM


Brandonmorrill 05/02/12 05:51 PM

Guess I'm going after all!

JamesMichael 05/02/12 05:51 PM

swboyd 05/02/12 05:52 PM

Good for them. Good for Warped Tour. Good for anyone who cares.

BurymeWalkAway 05/02/12 05:55 PM


DCART 05/02/12 05:59 PM

fuck this noise

ari telescope 05/02/12 06:00 PM

A parking lot full of 12 year old girls, basically a fucking field day for the singer.

RobotOrel213 05/02/12 06:00 PM

Only on the second half? Whew.