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Jonathan Bautts 05/05/12 01:14 AM

Coldplay Pay Tribute To MCA
At their show last night Coldplay did a special Beastie Boys cover in honor of Adam Yauch. Watch in the replies.

Jonathan Bautts 05/05/12 01:14 AM

NateFoundGlory 05/05/12 01:18 AM

Seriously so awesome. Damn-near teared up.

anamericangod 05/05/12 01:21 AM

That was really great.

fun. covered "Sabotage" at their show last night. Haven't found a video yet.

Sloth7 05/05/12 01:44 AM

Very classy. A touching gesture by Coldplay.

thesollopsist 05/05/12 01:44 AM

Very nice.

cubine 05/05/12 01:48 AM

it's cool that they did that. although bleh really not enjoying the cover.

my bands are doing tough guy and sabotage respectively at our next shows haha so i shouldn't talk

abusedcat 05/05/12 01:58 AM

So good.

ssbsts1988 05/05/12 03:16 AM

ive never been a fan of the beastie boys music, i know i must be one of the only ones, this cover transformed the song completely, really great performance and made the song their own.

OldSchoolReason 05/05/12 03:39 AM

My wife despises Coldplay and I am not the biggest fan, but we both thought this was awesome and a touching tribute

Spencer Control 05/05/12 04:09 AM

Respect. Lotta respect.

xJesusFreakx 05/05/12 04:17 AM

Wasn't sure how a piano cover of a Beastie Boys would sound, but that actually worked really well.

AlexT4 05/05/12 04:31 AM

This rules so hard

Alligator Blood 05/05/12 04:42 AM

That was stunning.

InfiniteArms 05/05/12 04:58 AM

I've never been a massive Beastie Boys fan, but Chris Martin, hell, Coldplay is a class act. That was sublime.