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Christian Wagner 05/08/12 08:06 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Shut Up And Deal
Whenever I talk music with friends who remember the "good old days" when Tell All Your Friends, Sticks and Stones, and the like ruled our CD collection, we would then get sad because it's hard to find bands carrying the torch of that older sound. However, after being sent this track from Shut Up and Deal, I knew that it would be perfect to debut on AP.net. If you love dual vocals, tales of heartbreak, and a driving chorus, then I implore you to head to the band's AP.net profile and take a listen. Leave your comments in the replies.

Christian Wagner 05/08/12 08:18 AM

This song is so good. Gave me such an old school vibe listening to it.

mikalcheuk 05/08/12 08:22 AM

sounds more like four year strong...

fuckyourscenes 05/08/12 08:24 AM

The way the second verse begins is just so Taking Back Sunday, and I know that probably doesn't make a lot of sense. But fuck, this is awesome.

jvg4444 05/08/12 08:25 AM

Holy nostalgia, Batman...the dual vocals are intoxicating.

fuckyourscenes 05/08/12 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by mikalcheuk (Post 107656172)
sounds more like four year strong...

I'd say their voices do sound more like FYS (and strikingly similar now that you point it out), but that's about it for me.

CPF--FBR 05/08/12 08:31 AM

These guys are the shit! I got to chill with them at Warped this past year and they're all really nice. They were on the Kevin Says Stage so no one really got to see them, but their energy was amazing.

Truman122 05/08/12 08:45 AM

Yeah I'm getting much more of a FYS vibe like everyone else. If you're craving that TBS sound, check out Stateside.


Charlesieiy 05/08/12 08:45 AM

Second singer sounds like both FYS singers combined. Yeah, sounds like a mix of TBS and FYS because of that, IMO.

MIKEtheCIRCUIT 05/08/12 08:50 AM

good to see a good Connecticut band (at least a member or two) still going at it. Good song.

contiinstereo 05/08/12 09:13 AM

Pretty sure I have a few EPs from these guys that I bought at Warped a few years ago. Funny how bands just pop up like that. Definitely hear the vocal similarities to FYS, but they still have a great sound.

*dannyg* 05/08/12 09:20 AM

I heard these guys at Warped Tour 2 years ago, and instantly bought both of their EP's. They're so good...

dicktony 05/08/12 09:34 AM

Nothing about this stuck out to me. Then again, if Tell All Your Friends came out tomorrow I probably wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did in high school...that record still gets play, but it's mostly the nostalgia factor that makes me belt the whole thing out in my car.

Jhawker182 05/08/12 09:35 AM

Really like what I'm hearing, it's taking me back to 2002 and I love it!

NortyCore 05/08/12 09:36 AM

CT ftw!