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Thomas Nassiff 05/08/12 06:00 PM

Cobra Starship Release New Version of "#1Nite"
Cobra Starship has released a new version of "#1Nite" featuring Kay. Check it a fan-filmed video for the song in the replies; the band is going to be shooting another video for the song in the near future. Read more about the video here.

Thomas Nassiff 05/08/12 06:00 PM

Charles777 05/08/12 06:14 PM


NorthstarPark 05/08/12 06:46 PM

When I first heard this song last year I thought it was Usher. Blech city.

Elscorcho2008 05/08/12 07:09 PM

The new albums awful but this is a great pop song

Searos 05/08/12 09:22 PM

how is this band around. Does anyone really care about a band that started as a scene band and became a circus act of embarrassing pop songs. Got nothing against pop but I did not think they could write something worse than Hot Mess until I heard Night Shades and my jaw dropped. I honestly planning a celebration for the day this band breaks up and Gabe stops making music.

claw38 05/09/12 04:59 AM

Catchy, meaningless pop is catchy and meaningless. This song is a huge guilty pleasure of mine, and this new version is really great too.

JustinDM 05/09/12 08:00 AM

Kay is from my hometown. Figured this might be a good thread to see if anyone else from around here is on AP!

Rock 05/14/12 08:13 AM

How many shitty dance pop songs have been written about having one more night to party the night away now? I've lost track. This band basically relies on a formula to create generic, meaningless radio-friendly music. No matter how successful this band is or becomes, they will never be anything more than a way to make money.