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Ryan Gardner 05/09/12 07:21 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Cinema Sleep
Today we're bringing you a new song from Dayton, Ohio's Cinema Sleep. The band just got finished recording with Kris Crummet (Tides of Man, Emarosa) and definitely have an Emery vibe - which is always a plus. Head to their AP.net profile or the replies to hear "Through This House."

Ryan Gardner 05/09/12 07:22 AM

Through This House

dookiedog 05/09/12 07:27 AM

Nice stuff! Really digging this a lot!

Jack Appleby 05/09/12 07:33 AM

1. I'll check out anything Kris touches
2. I can get behind this - good song.
3. The vocalist sounds a lot like Shane Raymond (ex-Close Your Eyes), especially when he gets in the high range.

Definitely putting this band on my radar.

JamesMichael 05/09/12 07:55 AM

Really liking this! Dudes got a great voice

emery3993 05/09/12 07:58 AM

sounds awesome

TwelveTribes230 05/09/12 08:01 AM

This is actually pretty damn good.

pjIXOYE 05/09/12 08:11 AM

Just saw these guys this past weekend, so much talent and VERY humble. Stoked to see what lies ahead in the future for them! Definitely a band to keep your eyes on!

Capulet 05/09/12 08:28 AM

i like it

AlexHuffman 05/09/12 08:34 AM

Brady! Yes.

counting_saturn 05/09/12 08:55 AM


B.Leibo 05/09/12 09:08 AM

I dig this! I hear a lot of Sing me a Fiction in his voice too.

GetUpAndrew 05/09/12 09:45 AM

Really, really appreciating this.

Handraa 05/09/12 10:00 AM

Damn this is good, and kind of local!

pandemicpreston 05/09/12 10:00 AM

Haha Brady's the best singer since Jonny Craig. Hands down.