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Jake Denning 05/09/12 09:34 PM

A Day To Remember To Release Common Courtesy
According to a fan tweet from tonight's A Day To Remember headliner in New Jersey, the band's 5th full length album will be titled Common Courtesy

Light_Grenades 05/09/12 09:36 PM

And it will be just as much shit as their past two.

billyboatkid 05/09/12 09:36 PM

Kewl beanz, can't wait to hear it.

senSedative12 05/09/12 09:38 PM

HANDS DOWN the most INSANE show I've ever been a part of.. these guys know how to effing blow shit up. Common Courtesy FTW.

StephenYoung 05/09/12 09:39 PM

Won't lie, that show with Transit, SFTP and Such Gold would have been a great show to attend. Curious to hear this.

mattregan 05/09/12 09:42 PM

Whatever happened in the lawsuit?

Jake Denning 05/09/12 09:44 PM


Originally Posted by mattregan (Post 107776662)
Whatever happened in the lawsuit?

I intend to find out. Interview hopefully on the way.

schlotty 05/09/12 09:50 PM

Their last record wasn't as horrible as people made it out to be. I'll give it a few listens.

Thomas Nassiff 05/09/12 10:04 PM


cubsml34 05/09/12 10:05 PM

Guarantee this is about how Victory has no common courtesy

George_mm 05/09/12 10:06 PM

I enjoyed What Seperates Me From You a wholeee lot, can't wait to hear this

lessthanzero 05/09/12 10:07 PM

It would be a common courtesy if this band stopped making music. Bazinga. I'm just kidding. I have nothing against this band. It was just kind of easy.

anthonydarko 05/09/12 10:17 PM

Looks like my diehard ADTR fan friends have something to blast in the near future.

Twobucktin 05/09/12 10:25 PM

I enjoyed WSMFY a lot. It wasn't their best album, but I still really enjoyed it. I am excited to see what they do with this new album!

Corey Hoffy 05/09/12 10:27 PM

My faith was shaken a little bit after WSMFY, but I'm cautiously optimistic.