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Christian Wagner 05/10/12 07:16 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Second To Last
Today we are streaming Second To Last's new EP, Vessel. You can listen to it on the band's AP.net profile. The California-based pop-punk group is recommended for fans of The Wonder Years, Title Fight and Such Gold. Make sure to leave your thoughts in the replies.

Avalanche1 05/10/12 07:30 AM

Sounds awesome.

ParkAvenue 05/10/12 07:35 AM

Sounds great. I dig that outro.

Alex DiVincenzo 05/10/12 08:08 AM

Good stuff

Thomas Nassiff 05/10/12 08:31 AM

Not reinventing the wheel but I think anyone who likes this type of music can enjoy this EP for the summer. Great potential here.

GetUpAndrew 05/10/12 08:33 AM

Sounds rad. This band rules.

sammyboy516 05/10/12 11:15 AM

Sounds really good!

calciumwaste 05/10/12 02:58 PM

good stuff

NerdXCorE 05/10/12 03:07 PM

So fucking stoked on this EP and these songs. Good dudes, can't wait to hear more from them

Archael 05/10/12 04:00 PM

That summary describes every other pop punk band that comes on this site.

blissfulrain 05/10/12 05:03 PM

This EP is massive!

youngz 05/10/12 08:16 PM

god damn.

rmalabed 05/22/12 03:33 PM

Better than the Stickup Kid album streaming today. Not a fan of how that bands vocals sound on the new ep but this is sick

EnjoymentRecs 09/25/12 03:10 PM

We have a very limied UK vinyl pressing of this EP (only 100!) available here: