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Thomas Nassiff 05/10/12 09:20 AM

Chris Carrabba Says There Will Be A Further Seems Forever LP This Year
Chris Carrabba has revealed that Further Seems Forever will have a new full-length out this year.
From the InterviewIts safe to say that we will have something this year. We will have a new record out this year.
A full length?
Yeah, well have a full-length out this year.

Khouse89 05/10/12 09:23 AM

That excites me

theHECKLER 05/10/12 09:23 AM

I could never really get into these guys... I bought their first two LPs. They seem to have a great fan base though.

anamericangod 05/10/12 09:23 AM

The biggest cock tease continues.

Trevor Sostarich 05/10/12 09:25 AM

I'm excited see how this is going to sound and which label is going to release it.

ZachMadeMeOdd 05/10/12 09:25 AM

I was wondering what was happening with these guys after the reunion shows. More than excited to hear this happen.

bradsonemanband 05/10/12 09:26 AM


theHECKLER 05/10/12 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by anamericangod (Post 107790912)
The biggest cock tease continues.

It might be a tie between these guys and Saosin.

COREhorizon 05/10/12 09:27 AM

Hell to the yes

3GunGaz 05/10/12 09:34 AM

That's so good - I never thought I'd see the day

JamesMichael 05/10/12 09:37 AM

Yes! Stoked things are actually moving with this release.

STFUcatherine 05/10/12 09:39 AM

:') !!!

KenneyBN 05/10/12 09:40 AM



ThaRealNC 05/10/12 09:44 AM

I'm so ready for this. Seriously.

pillbox remedy 05/10/12 09:46 AM

awesome. can't wait!! :D