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Joe DeAndrea 05/14/12 07:23 AM

Billy Talent Album Update
Billy Talent will be releasing a new song at the end of this month, and their new full-length will be out in the fall. Check out the video announcement in the replies.

Joe DeAndrea 05/14/12 07:23 AM

ramomcferno 05/14/12 07:42 AM

Really awesome band! I am really excited to hear the new song.

RockTheWalls 05/14/12 07:55 AM

Holy fuck, taking long enough lol

Joe DeAndrea 05/14/12 08:08 AM

The 3+ year gap between 2/3 and 3/this one is absolutely insane.

Deborah Remus 05/14/12 08:27 AM

I'd rather a band take their time than rush. I'm really excited for the new song and can't wait for the legitimate Canadian tour that will follow!

PetitnaindesĪles 05/14/12 08:29 AM

If everything goes right, it'd be cool to finally have a new Billy Talent/Paramore/Brand New album by september. i wonder if that "Now the time is now. We can still turn it around." line is a lyric of that new song

Spencer Control 05/14/12 08:31 AM

Very excited. III was a miss for me, but self-titled and II are fantastic, and I know this band can make another amazing record.

guill89 05/14/12 09:08 AM

Self Titled and II are like two of my favorite albums ever. III was a bit of a let down... I hope they'll be back with the same energy that lacked III

Hail Lelouch 05/14/12 09:47 AM

please be good

suicidalmoose 05/14/12 10:04 AM

this is taking too long :-( really curious to listen to their new song

Jhawker182 05/14/12 10:26 AM

Really excited about this, their first album was one of my favorites in high school.

ghelms88 05/14/12 12:44 PM

I would love to hear a new song ASAP.

honkytonk 05/14/12 04:59 PM

Stoked for this, I'm confident it's gonna be a jam

Poochemist 05/14/12 09:25 PM

Get that shit on the airwaves already!