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Jason Tate 05/16/12 08:59 AM

IsAnyoneUp? Founder Being Investigated by FBI
Looks like Hunter Moore is being investigated by the FBI. And he's not happy about it, stating, "[i] will burn down fucking The Village Voice headquarters if you fucking write anything saying I have an FBI investigation."
From the ArticleThe Voice has learned that the FBI's Los Angeles Internet Crime division has been actively investigating Hunter Moore and Is Anyone Up for months, according to four people who say they've been interviewed by the FBI about his now-shuttered site. The case's focus, according to those familiar with the investigation, was Moore's possible connection to a hacker who has repeatedly broken into the inboxes of countless victims, rifled through their attachments, and submitted the accompanying nudes to Is Anyone Up. (A Los Angeles FBI spokesperson would not confirm or deny such an investigation.)

WakeUpBlondie 05/16/12 09:02 AM

Isn't this that n00dz site?

t00latef0rr0ses 05/16/12 09:03 AM

oh juicy!

abusedcat 05/16/12 09:05 AM

Who fucking cares?

bobcatbob18 05/16/12 09:06 AM

He said "fucking" twice in the same sentence. He must mean business!

Meeze 05/16/12 09:07 AM

You're gonna have a hard time trying to convince me that the timing of this investigation in relation to ISU? getting sold/shut down is simply a coincidence.

Privr005 05/16/12 09:08 AM

Somewhere Jesse Lacey just smiled for the first time in years

anamericangod 05/16/12 09:08 AM

Poor xbearbotx

TheRealJohnOC 05/16/12 09:08 AM

Oh boy. What he said is considered a threat. He knows how to dig himself deeper and deeper.

Coverbydesign 05/16/12 09:08 AM

Not shocked about this. And really he can't be pissed about shit.

anamericangod 05/16/12 09:12 AM

Threatening arson is probably not the best course of action here.

JamesBond 05/16/12 09:13 AM

Lol at noodz.

Jason Tate 05/16/12 09:14 AM

Full article is interesting. Just finished reading it ... hmm. That's some fucked up shit, and Hunter Moore is a complete tool.

Holly HoX! 05/16/12 09:16 AM

Tight Dick Playa

notetoself343 05/16/12 09:17 AM