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WhoSaidThat? 05/16/12 08:23 PM

Still in a state of disbelief that the album's as close as it is.

born2fly800 05/16/12 08:25 PM

So stoked!!!

mattdbf 05/16/12 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by Jason Tate (Post 108086672)
Joe, you've done this twice now. Song's possibly premiering here sooner. :-p

Care to share when that sooner might be? Sounds sooo good

Dubui_209 05/16/12 08:25 PM


saddr weirdr 05/16/12 08:27 PM

The song itself is fucking amazing though. Pure pop-punk + violin.

kskillzz 05/16/12 08:27 PM

Sounds like exactly what I wanted from them, wish the whole album was coming out before summer though.

punkcrap 05/16/12 08:28 PM

Some bands don't need to change a thing to continue sounding awesome. Stoked to hear new Yellowcard so soon after WYTTSY!

Playsw/Squirels 05/16/12 08:31 PM

I know I already commented. but I feel the clip is so good, Im going to say something else.

I think this will be my AOTY. Their music just brings a smile to my face. If the rest of the album is like this it'll one amazing summer album. Have such respect for these guys and their abilities. Cant wait to hear more.

atticusfinch 05/16/12 08:46 PM

Sounds promising. Ocean Avenue promising.

butrfli1234 05/16/12 08:49 PM

This and the new MCS single on the same day, my 16 year old self is pretty damn excited.

Yellowcard2006 05/16/12 08:52 PM

oh yellowcard you spoil me.

clip's too short, need more!

underdawg1119 05/16/12 08:56 PM


randys950 05/16/12 08:56 PM

im in the minority, but it sounds kind of weak to me...but i wont judge by a clip

BLeClair12 05/16/12 08:57 PM

Still can't believe we've got new Yellowcard music coming down the line so quickly. Seems like just last week that "When You're Through Thinking..." came out.

The last record was really solid, but it wasn't quite what I had come to expect. Wonder if this will be a little more on pace.

Jason Tate 05/16/12 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by atticusfinch (Post 108088772)
Sounds promising. Ocean Avenue promising.