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Alex DiVincenzo 05/18/12 05:40 AM

Former That's Outrageous Vocalist Rejoins Band
Former That's Outrageous vocalist Tom Degrazia has rejoined the band.
StatementIím pretty positive a ton of people will be questioning why Iím back in Thatís Outrageous! Iím going to spare the usual boring blog and get right to it. Last year a band that was my brain child was taken from me. A few of the current members were manipulated by a few of the past members and one thing led to another and I was kicked out.

For those of you who donít know, T.O! was an idea I hadÖand to launch that idea I needed a few other people. We made two demos and got contacted by 5 different record labels within the month they were out. We signed to Rise within two months and hadnít even played a show.

As most of you are aware, Doriano recently joined Woe, Is me, leaving the rest of the band pretty tarnished. It was at this time I saw an opportunity to reconcile any past events and bring T.O! back as a family, not a business like it should have been from the start.

We then wrote ďObliviateĒ in hopes of starting a new era for the band. So far your support has been nothing short of amazing and we hope you come along for the ride!

We are going to be making a Q&A vid in the next coming weeks and would love to answer any questions you guys might have for us!

You can send your questions to ThatsOutrageousQuestions@Gmail.com

Ohaidere 05/18/12 05:44 AM

Make up your damn mind on what you want to do....

prospekt 05/18/12 05:45 AM

Tom seems to always to be in these flavor of the month-type bands.

First The Best Week Ever, which was trying to capitalize on that Hey Monday/WATIC female-fronted band fad.

Now this.

tell that mick 05/18/12 05:47 AM

Thomas Nassiff 05/18/12 05:54 AM

everything sucks.

Born_For_This 05/18/12 06:00 AM

No one cares about this band.

Petitnaindesőles 05/18/12 06:04 AM


jaredohgren 05/18/12 06:13 AM

Why do they need so much money for the record if Tom can just record it all? Hmmmm.

JamesMichael 05/18/12 06:17 AM

Just had a look at the fund raiser they started and they have nearly $1,250. I doubt they will reach the $7500 they want and if they do its a crime to all music.

xent 05/18/12 06:21 AM

never heard this band but i saw an interview on ap about their album, it was rated 2 out of 5 stars and it had a bad review..i concluded this is a shitty band

Spencer Control 05/18/12 06:26 AM

I pity his brain if That's Outrageous! is his brainchild.

iAMhollyood315 05/18/12 06:56 AM

I think the real issue here is the fact that thousands of bands bust ass year after year without getting a record deal or it taking years of work but yet some shitty generic band can not even Play a show and floats demos and have label interest lee alone a deal from a powerful record label? No wonder his industry is fucked

Amongster 05/18/12 06:59 AM

I don't get why this band has thousands more likes on Facebook than Tigers Jaw.

TerrancePryor 05/18/12 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by Born_For_This (Post 108148442)
No one cares about this band.


ZachMadeMeOdd 05/18/12 07:04 AM

I feel like these scene bands insist on doing these member changes and drama announcements just to stay relevant and get noticed.