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Jason Tate 05/21/12 12:36 PM

Sigur Ros Release New Video
Sigur Ros released the official video for "Eg Anda" today, produced by a filmmaker outside of the band. This was done to bypass the usual artistic approval process and allow the filmmaker utmost creative freedom.

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xsinkshipsx 05/21/12 01:14 PM

so freakin weird

TheDillon 05/21/12 02:28 PM

that was.... interesting.

InaGreendase 05/21/12 03:16 PM

Weird, I totally think of an elaborate, stylish and exaggerated choking PSA when I hear this song too!

Mens 05/21/12 03:19 PM

Bah ha I guess it was guys. You guys are so right. Man

SomedayTheFire 05/21/12 03:33 PM

That's normal

syntax omitted 05/21/12 04:21 PM

Funny. Happy to see this side of the band.

smowashere 05/21/12 04:29 PM

Ohhh so that's the deeper meaning...

dtrzcin 05/21/12 06:28 PM

Unconventional, but cool.

Sheluligans 05/21/12 06:39 PM

What am I watching?

March_Faster!! 05/21/12 07:16 PM

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country". Thanks Japan, ya bunghole.