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Thomas Nassiff 05/23/12 10:03 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: With The Punches - "New York Minute"
With The Punches will be releasing its debut full-length, Seams and Stitches, on July 3 via Doghouse Records, but we've got a brand-new song titled "New York Minute" for stream in the replies and on their AP.net Profile right now. The gritty Newburgh, NY-based pop-punk group is only getting better with time, so leave your thoughts on the track in the replies, and if you like what you hear, place a preorder for the album.

Thomas Nassiff 05/23/12 10:04 AM

New York Minute

agl 05/23/12 10:16 AM

So good.

truthbetoldxx 05/23/12 10:19 AM

this sounds like 90s skate punk. i dig this. it sounds kind of like a mix of bad religion (musically) and lagwagon (vocally)

cowlord 05/23/12 10:20 AM

Whoa, super short song. haha. Pretty awesome though.

misguidedmugen 05/23/12 10:26 AM

I like it! very cool

sleepyseanzzz 05/23/12 10:29 AM

cant wait for this, pre-ordered earlier, jesse kind of sounds like vinnie caruana the way he sings some of those words "i know im not alone in here, empty promises and fear", awesome song

tobuildabridge 05/23/12 10:29 AM

song rules. pre order this record.

Jaytothesyg 05/23/12 10:30 AM

Awesome, This is gonna be a good summer record

Charlesieiy 05/23/12 10:35 AM

Fuck, this is way good.

James Shotwell 05/23/12 10:36 AM

This record is also available on cassette: antiquerecords.storeenvy.com

oneeightytwo 05/23/12 10:43 AM

Awesome! Nice work guys! Fast punk rock, perfect for the summer. Record is going to be a brilliant summer jam!

Alex DiVincenzo 05/23/12 10:52 AM

Sounds rad

ARo2431 05/23/12 10:56 AM

I wanna mosh now. Awesome track first time I've ever listened to them before.

Brandon Allin 05/23/12 11:20 AM

Decent. Not really anything too memorable, but a fun track.