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Deborah Remus 05/24/12 10:24 AM

Awesome! I love Dave, especially his live show.

kieza 05/24/12 10:28 AM

Prefer this version to the Resolutions version! As much as I liked Resolutions it was a bit clean sounding for my liking - I think Dave suits a raw sound far better! See he's been touring with Alkaline Trio and Gaslight Anthem soon - hopefully gets more recognition as he's a great singer! Look forward to hearing more of his 7 inch releases!

lombardkyle 05/24/12 10:31 AM

just pre ordered the bridge 9 release, waiting on the Jade tree release to come in, but the sideone dummy release is fantastic

ACA 05/24/12 12:54 PM

So.. about The Loved Ones....

CluckyB 05/24/12 01:07 PM

Anyone really hoping Dave's solo stint does for the Loved Ones what Chuck Ragan's did for HWM?

collideoscopic 05/24/12 01:59 PM

I'm excited I got the latest three 7's on order today since I was able to snag the first one on RSD. I love the idea of rerecording the original tracks and adding some cool covers. I do miss me some Loved Ones, though.

saddr weirdr 05/24/12 02:06 PM

I'd rather have a new Loved Ones record but from what I've heard, his solo stuff is pretty good.

Poochemist 05/24/12 03:28 PM

I've gotta get on buying these 7 inchers. Looking forward to hearing more of his stuff, especially The Loved Ones. We're overdue for a new album!

rocketcat 05/24/12 05:33 PM

His solo stuff is good but I prefer The loved ones.

xxdeadawakexx 05/24/12 05:40 PM

pre ordered the 7". The Loved Ones are great, and Dave is such an underrated vocalist

sooperdoodey 05/25/12 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by duckingfyslexic (Post 108398012)
Last couple times I've seen him live this year, he said they were working on a new album.

Ok, cool. They're such an awesome band to see live. And an awesome band in general. They just have been super quiet for the last couple years, it seems.