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Thomas Nassiff 05/24/12 07:57 PM

Cash Colligan Discusses Kickstarter Project
We reported a couple days ago the Kickstarter project of former Play for Keeps bassist Cash Colligan, where Colligan originally said he wanted to bring his friend, former The Cab drummer Alex Johnson, to Las Vegas to play in a new band. The Kickstarter page has changed - Colligan says the $1,000 will now be used for both record and to make a pitch for a reality TV show - and you can read a piece of the new description below.
From the KickstarterI originally wrote a less descriptive band bio on this to leave an element of suspense for those interested in this, which back-fired. Transparency is necessary with Kickstarter and you people should know where their money is going, every last dime. So here's what is REALLY happening.

As everyone knows, I personally departed from my second project Play For Keeps over a month ago and have been doing a lot of thinking. There are songs written and ready to be recorded! Now all that is missing is one musician from the equation, Alex Johnson.

What is the purpose for the money? The money it will take to compile a pilot for a reality TV pitch and studio time to complete demos for an album this summer that will include myself and Alex. Yes, Cash Colligan and Alex Johnson are in a band again together :) The reason this is being done is because when it comes down to it, nobody will know the kindness in this man's heart unless you were one of the fortunate people from around the world to meet him. So yes, we are asking fans to help us play music again in a band.

We hope to make this dream a reality and pitch the show we are creating to TV station outlets everywhere... We can with your help!

irthesteve 05/24/12 08:02 PM

Money for studio time and recording demos = cool
Money for a reality tv show pitch = wait, what?

Good for them for at least telling their fans what is actually going on here....

NateThruman 05/24/12 08:04 PM

Reality tv show? This isn't Gene Simmons. Remember when people started bands to write and play music? Now it's less about being a musician and more about being a star.

RockTheWalls 05/24/12 08:09 PM

fuck this shit. garbage.

katieissweet 05/24/12 08:09 PM

Wasn't The Cab supposed to be filming a reality show a long time ago?

roachguy1 05/24/12 08:09 PM

Still a DOUCHE

gergs 05/24/12 08:10 PM

Adam Pfleider 05/24/12 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by gergs (Post 108438162)


luvsickcatalyst 05/24/12 08:11 PM

The fact that this guy thinks he can make a few, somewhat decent quality demos AND a watchable reality show on a $1,000 budget is laughably sad.

i like apples 05/24/12 08:20 PM

signal to noise 05/24/12 08:21 PM

so first it was a shitty excuse for asking people for money, and now its a lie?

DontCare 05/24/12 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by gergs (Post 108438162)

Holy shit that's great

iamsoindie 05/24/12 08:25 PM

What a guy. Obviously he saw what a negative reaction the kickstarter was getting, so now he's pretending that this was the plan all along.... if this was actually his intent, he would have posted it right away. He probably thought that they would easily meet and/or exceed the $1000 goal for doing absolutely nothing, but learned quickly that no one is backing them!

TheRealJohnOC 05/24/12 08:26 PM

Who's Play for Keeps?

Spencer Control 05/24/12 08:32 PM

Wait, so not only are the rewards ridiculously expensive, but the project is actually not what they said it was?

Will lol if this fails.