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Jason Gardner 05/24/12 09:06 PM

Featured Stream: Suis La Lune
It's the beginning of a long weekend for many of us, but regardless of your plans, or perhaps lack thereof, we wanted to make sure you start the weekend off with some great music. That's why we're bringing you a stream of the new Suis La Lune LP Riala over at the band's AP.net profile. I thought the album was among the best of its kind so far this year why not give it a listen and see if you agree.

signal to noise 05/24/12 10:41 PM

really awesome album! but coming out on the same day as the new El-P record has meant that I haven't given it the attention it deserves yet. But I've given it two listens since its purchase and I find it to be very very good. nice work Topshelf with getting these guys, their previous work is also awesome.

JRmarketing2011 05/24/12 11:37 PM


JinxRemoving 05/25/12 04:44 AM

This is really good.

handlikesecret 05/25/12 05:00 AM

digging this a lot.

Alex DiVincenzo 05/25/12 05:56 AM

By golly, I do agree! This is killer.

dlaug 05/25/12 06:41 AM

This band is in a class of their own. Riala is incredible

Pokemon 05/25/12 08:14 AM

Record is on the way so this stream will tide me over until it gets here. So stoked!

aradiantsunrise 05/25/12 08:22 AM

So good.