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Thomas Nassiff 05/26/12 12:14 AM

Frank Turner To Release Live DVD This Summer
Frank Turner will be releasing a live DVD this summer.

Turkeylegz 05/26/12 12:34 AM

Really hope there is a CD companion

ParkwayTom 05/26/12 12:39 AM

He can do no wrong.

rob_mylo 05/26/12 02:28 AM

awesome. I love this man

suicidalmoose 05/26/12 08:29 AM

I'll definitely want to see this

bladerdude360 05/26/12 10:09 AM

Very cool, looking forward to this.

Grohl 05/26/12 10:14 AM


creativemind 05/26/12 10:41 AM

My dad keeps talking about this show and how awesome it was. Excited to see for myself!

Tilde 05/26/12 02:51 PM


SoundwaveUproar 05/26/12 10:46 PM

dont usually reply like this but....

irememberhallow 06/04/12 12:49 PM

Looking forward to this!