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Andy Biddulph 05/28/12 04:25 AM

Free Doomtree Tracks
Doomtree have posted single "Bangarang" for free download alongside B-side "Fresh New Trash". Grab both tracks here.

Andy Biddulph 05/28/12 04:26 AM

No excuse for anybody who hasn't checked them out yet.

acalysa 05/28/12 08:54 AM

thanks for sharing this nice info

bobcatbob18 05/28/12 11:33 AM

Album rules. "No Way" is my fucking JAM.

bladerdude360 05/28/12 12:34 PM

I would love to see them all live. I saw P.O.S. at Warped Tour a few years back but a full Doomtree show would be great.

ghelms88 05/28/12 08:21 PM

They are on my list of bands to see.