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Jason Tate 05/28/12 11:27 AM

The Appleseed Cast Are Posting Demos
The Appleseed Cast are posting variations of demos during their practice sessions during the writing and recording process of their new LP. You can hear the first one of their bandcamp,

Submitted by drewinseries

hotsoftlight 05/28/12 11:39 AM

so fucking good

thesollopsist 05/28/12 12:24 PM

Can't wait to hear this LP. The last EP was so good.

drewinseries 05/28/12 01:21 PM

Nice little find on facebook, I am glad they will be doing more.

drewinseries 05/28/12 01:22 PM

Also, its nice to see a band that is letting you into the early stages of the writing. I feel like a lot of bands hate when you hear the early demos before the finished songs, which I understand, its just nice to have this for a change.

haleyebell 05/28/12 01:34 PM

Sweet! I've been wondering when i'd hear some of their new music

Jeff_Ryan 05/28/12 01:38 PM

The fact that Jason, and not Eda, is the one posting this is blowing my mind

PetitnaindesĪles 05/28/12 02:57 PM

i don't know anything about this band but this is a nice idea

InaGreendase 05/28/12 04:10 PM

Not bad at all for a live demo.

theagentcoma 05/28/12 04:24 PM

Love this band. Been following the updates on fbook and this is a really cool way to keep fans informed.

Sam DeBurns Red 05/28/12 05:05 PM

This band is unbelievably good. Sigarmatha and Two Conversations really take me back. Just the best.

drewinseries 05/28/12 05:31 PM

This band is the soundtrack to my summers spent landscaping.

tomahawk 05/28/12 08:13 PM


singregardless 05/29/12 07:51 AM

glad to see them still going, but what happened to aaron pillar? google is providing no leads.