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Thomas Nassiff 05/29/12 07:48 AM

Dikembe Finishes Recording New Album, Streams New Song
Dikembe has finished recording its debut LP, Broad Shoulders. It will be out on Tiny Engines later this summer and is the follow-up to the Chicago Bowls EP - which you can now download for free here. Listen to a new song from the upcoming album called "We Could Become River Rats" here.

JayDanielHammer 05/29/12 07:49 AM

I love this fucking band.

Listened to this song about 15 times in a row. Now I'm going to go back to sleep because today's high point has already been achieved.

GetUpAndrew 05/29/12 07:56 AM

Will give it a listen. This band is rad.

incognitojones 05/29/12 08:06 AM

Solid song, cool cover, great titles. Should be a step up from Chicago Bowls which I loved.

Mochem 05/29/12 08:07 AM

Hopefully the other songs have a little more vocal variation. Not bad, but I feel like the vocals always sound the same with this band.

_><_ 05/29/12 08:32 AM

Fantastic song. Can't wait for the record.

tuneouttunein37 05/29/12 08:34 AM

dig the song. chicago bowls is awesome and i definitely expect this to be way better.

brook183 05/29/12 08:48 AM

"Librarians Would Kill for That Kind of Quiet" hahaha

Drew Beringer 05/29/12 09:00 AM

We will be streaming the entire album here in a few weeks. It's a good one

PirateSkater182 05/29/12 09:12 AM

YES! Excited for the full album stream. I still jam Chicago Bowls a lot.

Blake Solomon 05/29/12 09:14 AM

OH BABY! this will be a wonderful summer album, no doubt.

Startswithk 05/29/12 09:16 AM

This song also features emo-ass-clown Tanner Jones of You Blew It!

Brandon Allin 05/29/12 09:52 AM

I just don't understand what all these kids dig about this band.

PermanentTourists 05/29/12 11:27 AM


Originally Posted by Brandon Allin (Post 108612682)
I just don't understand what all these kids dig about this band.

Their music.

Sam DeBurns Red 05/29/12 11:44 AM

This band kills it