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Alex DiVincenzo 06/04/12 08:58 AM

Culprit Single Clip
Watch a preview for Culprit's new single, "Knock on the Sky," in the replies. The full track will premiere on June 17.

Alex DiVincenzo 06/04/12 08:58 AM

Jack Appleby 06/04/12 09:00 AM

Song is killer. Envy On The Coast and Pierce The Veil fans will dig it.

jaredohgren 06/04/12 09:14 AM

My homie Brian straight killing it.
This band is the next thing.

sweethart5349 06/04/12 09:25 AM

super stoked on this band. i think this is really their year to blow up!

Travbag 06/04/12 11:00 AM

This is Erik Ron-core done right.

70x7brandnew 06/04/12 03:15 PM