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Alex DiVincenzo 06/07/12 10:49 AM

What's Eating Gilbert to Release New EP
What's Eating Gilbert will release a five-song EP entitled Cheap Shots on July 31st via Bridge Nine Records.
Quote from Chad Gilbert"I'm excited for people to hear my songs on this EP. As my solo song writing develops, it's showing more and more my goal: to create modern 50's pop rock throwback… a style of music I heard around my house being played by my parents when I was a baby."

xerickx24 06/07/12 11:24 AM

I really dig this project from Chad, wish ISHC was still doing stuff. Interesting this on Bridge Nine o thought they released mostly hardcore records, either way this is pretty cool.

schmalz 06/07/12 11:53 AM


Just bought the 7" from P + P

Will probably snag this as well

Alexx Miller 06/07/12 02:30 PM

Funny he said the whole 50's thing. I've definitely felt that vibe from the beginning. Even with some songs from Radiosurgery.

boomer08 06/07/12 04:26 PM

JD McPherson is the king of the 50s throwback