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Jason Tate 06/07/12 11:33 AM

Dirty Heads Clips
Clips of the new Dirty Heads album, Cabin By The Sea, can be heard here.

Submitted by kcpunk

irthesteve 06/07/12 12:10 PM

I'll give it a shot

Jeff_Ryan 06/07/12 12:43 PM

This band is so irritating

Circa1628 06/07/12 01:57 PM

Can't wait!

Miketheunicycle 06/07/12 03:22 PM

doesnt sound too bad

TerrancePryor 06/07/12 04:46 PM

This album is awesome.

wtfjaked 06/08/12 12:24 AM

Love me some Dirty Heads. Love what I've heard. Can't wait for the new album.