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mundaes 06/08/12 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by desiguerilla (Post 109072562)
He is from fucking Harlem. What do you expect he's going to do? Politely ask for it back? Call the police? No, and you are crazy for thinking otherwise. And you are even crazier if you think you could get away with stealing a $15K watch from a rapper from Harlem. I would beat someone's ass if they try to get away with something of mine worth that much.

If this was Jesse Lacey telling a crowd to beat up someone who took something from him, I feel people in this thread would be a lot less sensitive about the feelings of the thief.

lol at Jesse Lacey telling people to beat someone up. I can't even picture that.

SuNDaYSTaR 06/08/12 06:00 AM

I'd love to have people like me so much that they'd beat the crap out of someone for me when I'm upset.

Matt Chylak 06/08/12 09:55 AM

If someone steals a $15,000 watch from me, my first reaction would probably be "get him!" too.

The whole "fuck him up" thing isn't good though

arguabli 06/08/12 10:09 AM

He didn't deserve a beatdown, but he probably should have expected it.

Eich696 06/08/12 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by Numero10 (Post 109063472)
Or... Guy who's from New York and admittedly takes a Southern influence in his music and dresses like a pretty motherfucker.

hahaha thank god you posted this.