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SuNDaYSTaR 06/08/12 06:00 AM

I'd love to have people like me so much that they'd beat the crap out of someone for me when I'm upset.

Matt Chylak 06/08/12 09:55 AM

If someone steals a $15,000 watch from me, my first reaction would probably be "get him!" too.

The whole "fuck him up" thing isn't good though

arguabli 06/08/12 10:09 AM

He didn't deserve a beatdown, but he probably should have expected it.

Eich696 06/08/12 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by Numero10 (Post 109063472)
Or... Guy who's from New York and admittedly takes a Southern influence in his music and dresses like a pretty motherfucker.

hahaha thank god you posted this.