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Jake Denning 06/07/12 10:54 PM

Close To Home Dont Need Backstabbers
Close To Home have posted a lyric video for their new song, "Backstabbers", off of their new album Momentum, out 7/31 on Artery Recordings.

Jake Denning 06/07/12 10:54 PM

DeathOrGlory 06/07/12 11:02 PM

Oh god...... These lyrics.....

NateFoundGlory 06/07/12 11:24 PM

1) Not only did they not get better since the debut, they regressed. Wow this is generic.
2). Also, easily the most boring lyric vid I've ever seen.


GetUpAndrew 06/08/12 12:36 AM

This band is a guilty pleasure of mine, but this song is pretty boring and generic. Also, I'm growing tired of all those lyrics about "Hey, you let us down, fuck you".

Kyleisraddd 06/08/12 01:38 AM

I loved this band until I saw them live. The vocalist was absolutely terrible. He couldn't sing at ALL in the show I was at. Super disappointing... they were the band I most looked forward to.

quickandsilver 06/08/12 07:43 AM

Are we still in 2005?

quickandsilver 06/08/12 08:00 AM

bandwagon band

alexalexalex 06/08/12 09:09 AM

Generic as it may be, i enjoyed it

rushour144 06/08/12 11:02 PM

Vanna needs to jump ship ASAP cause Artery is sinking quickly. Man this label had so much potential, but they are rapidly becoming the new rise haha!