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Thomas Nassiff 06/10/12 07:49 PM

Broadway Posts New Song
Head to the replies to check out Broadway's new song, titled "Faster, Faster." Gentleman's Brawl comes out June 19 via Uprising Records.

Thomas Nassiff 06/10/12 07:49 PM

billyboatkid 06/10/12 08:21 PM

I like.

NFG4ever 06/10/12 08:22 PM

I enjoyed that !!

terrorishfrank 06/10/12 08:30 PM

This is so good. So excited for this to finally come out.

cubsml34 06/10/12 08:39 PM

I can get behind this

Miketheunicycle 06/10/12 09:50 PM

good jam all the way through

this_century 06/10/12 10:32 PM

i was kind of worried after lawyered, now i'm not. this is sick

rino655 06/10/12 10:55 PM

love the song, hate the recording!

YOUAREtehSCENE 06/11/12 02:34 AM

Still can't find myself a link to there pre order i go to there record label site, and they have no stories, nor links to order there disc?

Viva Sonata 06/11/12 06:24 AM


GetUpAndrew 06/11/12 06:45 AM

Like it so much better than the other new song they've released.

Born_For_This 06/11/12 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by this_century (Post 109198252)
i was kind of worried after lawyered, now i'm not. this is sick

That's been released?
Like this track a lot! Love this and the first one released. Pumped for the record.

ibanez966 06/11/12 07:17 AM

Terrible production, sounds like one loud mess.

Mishiesings 06/11/12 08:40 AM

Yaaaay! A song that everyone doesn't hate hahaha. We don't have much of an advertising budget, so if you like what you've heard so far, please tell your friends to check us out =)