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Christian Wagner 06/11/12 05:36 AM

Happy 10th Anniversary - Sticks and Stones!
Ten years ago today, New Found Glory's Sticks and Stones was released. Thank you for an album that changed my life.

poppunkwayo 06/11/12 05:37 AM

well said christian!

SuNDaYSTaR 06/11/12 05:44 AM

Damn I'm getting old.

Christrings 06/11/12 05:44 AM

Love this album, still listen to it regularly today. I seem to remember this being the first New Found album I ever heard.

get up kidd 06/11/12 05:46 AM

Damn, I feel old.

Still one of my favorite pop punk records.

CTRL+ALT+DANCE 06/11/12 05:47 AM

It's funny that these will be our "oldies but goidies" like our parents have.

Boucher187 06/11/12 05:52 AM

I submitted that news! Sweet!

loveisdead 06/11/12 06:00 AM

Changed mine too. Heck of an album.

jonskinny12 06/11/12 06:07 AM

I remember the day this came out and I was walking around my basement blasting it on repeat. Doesn't seem that long ago.

stefan86 06/11/12 06:11 AM

10 years, wow. I think i'll be listening to this album a lot today.

nikster 06/11/12 06:12 AM

One of my favorite albums of all time.

tozborne 06/11/12 06:15 AM

This album still continues to bring me so much happiness. 10 year old me will be trying not to dance at my cubicle too much all today.

Thomas Nassiff 06/11/12 06:17 AM

My favorite album from this genre.

Enoma Otenki 06/11/12 06:21 AM

That is an album that changed my life. NFG will always be the kings of pop punk.

steve-0 06/11/12 06:22 AM

I remember being disappointed by the album. It grew on me some, but self titled was and is still my favorite.