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Alex DiVincenzo 06/13/12 09:00 AM

Punchline Talk About Punchline
Head to the replies to watch the latest installment in Punchline's video series documenting their discography. This one is about 2000's Punchline. I hope they play "Bingo."

Alex DiVincenzo 06/13/12 09:00 AM

jordalsh 06/13/12 09:13 AM

I bought one of the last physical copies of this for 25 dollars a few years back.

Greg 06/13/12 09:42 AM

I don't understand the obsession with Bingo. People need to let it go.

untitled94 06/13/12 09:44 AM

Great guys

punchlinekid182 06/13/12 10:09 AM

can't wait for the next vid, i wanna see the behind the scenes on the rewind ep

buddah knome 06/13/12 11:36 AM

I could kick myself for not buying this when it was on their webstore a few years back.

Tucker SL! 06/13/12 11:42 AM

i have a copy a girl gave me on a high school trip to mexico back in 2001. fell in love with it.. even wrote them an email telling them how much i admired their pop-punk style, and they wrote me back! i was star struck!

Searos 06/13/12 07:42 PM

I hope they do Major Motion Picture. Love that EP

Greg 06/13/12 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by Searos (Post 109348122)
I hope they do Major Motion Picture. Love that EP

They're going through their whole discography. So, that'll be next. I'm interested to see if Paul will join in now for the next few videos.

hipvee43 06/13/12 09:56 PM

put them in this category ----- "should have been bigger"