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AnthonyBTT 06/14/12 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 109345942)
I haven't seen his, but WWE usually does a great job on those documentaries. I think the last one I watched was Stone Cold's, which was top notch.

Agreed. The new edge dvd is great as well I reccomend both.

ReidAR27 06/14/12 08:13 AM

The Jericho documentary is basically his first book translated to video but without alot of the hilarious stories.

joel_one 06/14/12 11:09 AM

for those who haven't listened to fozzy, they are pretty good. i was one of those jerichoholics who never took the time to actually LISTEN to fozzy...just recently picked up their last record and thought it was decent. the music especially is pretty good, the singing is a little weird for me