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Ryan Gardner 06/14/12 10:58 AM

Groundbreaking Ceremony - Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do
Groundbreaking CeremonyDon’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do
Record Label: None
Release Date: June 12, 2012

Now a few EPs into the game, Groundbreaking Ceremony put the best foot forward with Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do, their latest dosage of pop-punk. Working with Paul Leavitt allows the guys to tighten the hinges up, making this EP stand out among its preceding work due to Leavitt’s instruction. The growth is obvious throughout the EP, with Jonnie Baker and Scott Southlea’s vocals sounding better than ever.

“Eleventh and Bleeker” employs a warm-hearted guitar riff as Baker opens up about the stress of being in a young band: “While I watch a normal life fade away / I’ll give it all I have / Because this is the life for me.” Easily the most sincere track Groundbreaking Ceremony have written, Baker continues, singing, “What a damn shame / When you can’t chase your dreams / With the girl that you love on your side.” The lyrics are straightforward and to the point this time around, with Leavitt’s production making each track bite.

Being released last year, the returning “Don’t Be A Dream” and “The Burden Of Goodbye” again exhibit Baker and Southlea’s dexterous set of pipes, especially on the latter. The mid-tempo rocker “Psalm 51” has a country-rock jive going, while “Sometimes It’s Not Enough” is an acoustic number unlike anything the band has done before.

From the candidness surrounding the opening “Eleventh and Bleeker” to the lush “Sometimes It’s Not Enough,” Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do is easily the best collection of songs Groundbreaking Ceremony have penned to date. The line “So how much heart / And soul does it take / To show what makes up / All your dreams” on the closing track becomes the backbone of the band, proving that it is set to prove just that. With a full length hopefully in the works, Groundbreaking Ceremony know exactly how to achieve these dreams.


Recommended If You Likepop-punk; Bayside; Motion City Soundtrack

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Eleventh and Bleeker
2. Don’t Be A Dream
3. 19:35
4. Psalm 51
5. The Burden Of Goodbye
6. Sometimes It’s Not Enough


guitarguy211 06/14/12 11:19 AM

Awesome, from what I've heard so far it's really good.

Archael 06/14/12 05:53 PM

It's okay.