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Deborah Remus 06/14/12 11:52 AM

2012 Polaris Music Prize Long List
The long list for the 2012 Polaris Music Prize can be seen in the replies.

Deborah Remus 06/14/12 11:52 AM

Polaris Music Prize Long ListA Tribe Called Red - A Tribe Called Red
Marie-Pierre Arthur - Aux Alentours
Rich Aucoin - We're All Dying to Live
Avec pas d'casque - Astronomie
Azari & III - Azari & III
Bahamas - Barchords
The Barr Brothers - The Barr Brothers
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - Kings and Queens
Cadence Weapon - Hope in Dirt City
Kathryn Calder - Bright And Vivid
Cannon Bros. - Firecracker/Cloudglow
Coeur de pirate - Blonde
Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas
Cold Specks - I Predict a Graceful Expulsion
Rose Cousins - We Have Made a Spark
Mark Davis - Eliminate the Toxins
Drake - Take Care
Kathleen Edwards - Voyageur
Feist - Metals
Fucked Up - David Comes to Life
Great Lake Swimmers - New Wild Everywhere
Grimes - Visions
Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune
Mares Of Thrace - The Pilgrimage
Ariane Moffatt - MA
Handsome Furs - Sound Kapital
Japandroids - Celebration Rock
Lindi Ortega - Little Red Boots
Parlovr - Kook Soul
Sandro Perri - Impossible Spaces
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Scrappy Happiness
PS I Love You - Death Dreams
John K. Samson - Provincial
Shooting Guns - Born To Deal in Magic 1952-1976
The Slakadeliqs - The Other Side of Tomorrow
Patrick Watson - Adventures In Your Own Backyard
Bry Webb - Provider
The Weeknd - Echoes of Silence
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - YT//ST
Yukon Blonde - Tiger Talk

brandon_260 06/14/12 12:11 PM

Really hoping The Weeknd takes it this year.

SuNDaYSTaR 06/14/12 12:18 PM

Would love to have Fucked Up win it once again.

providence36 06/14/12 01:16 PM

I can see The Weeknd taking this. Wouldnt mind Coeur de Pirate getting it either

Holly HoX! 06/14/12 01:22 PM

Fucked Up, Japandroids and Grimes

I love you Grimes.

Deborah Remus 06/14/12 02:50 PM

It's sort of cool seeing that Cannon Bros. made the cut and are getting attention outside of Manitoba.

StepsInADance 06/14/12 03:46 PM

Would be so crazy is Grimes takes it. I predict either Fesit or The Weeknd will take it though.

Xuut 06/14/12 04:27 PM

Japandroids or Cur de Pirate would be cool.

Wouldn't mind The Weekend either.

SoundwaveUproar 06/14/12 07:45 PM

japandroids, fucked up, feist. id be okay with any of them

Chris Collum 06/15/12 03:13 PM

Damn some good stuff on here. Canada always puts us to shame haha

kazuma_ootaro28 06/15/12 06:36 PM

Grimes and Japandroids deserve it. Also want to check out Patrick Watson's album and a couple of others on that list.

LusciousLemur 06/17/12 09:26 AM

Either Japandroids or The Barr Brothers, they're both underrated in my book.